Guide d'Azur

Our travel-guide is coming out very soon. Meanwhile here you can see the list of the hotels in Faralya:


Hotels at the seafront:


Rocas Roja 

La Boheme Kabak 

Zakros Hotel Lykia

Nautical Hotel 

Perdue Hotel 


Village style accommodation: 


Honey Hill Faralya

Casa Roja 

Soap Lady Cottage Villa Faralya

Kabak Avalon Bungalows

Montenegro Motel

Kabak Manzara Bungalov​


Romantic hotels: 


Lissiya Hotel

Heaven Resort Faralya



Most affordable hotels:


Faralya Limon Hotel

Faralya Tuz Hotel 


Choose with your heart, but remember: the best thing to see in Faralya is nature, not hotels.