Boat adventures

ABOUT our trips

The first and most important information about all the boat trips in Faralya: it is not a luxurious yacht trip, it is a wild experience in a village on a private motor boat or a fishing boat. If you want a day on a yacht Faralya is not for you. What we offer is a wild nature trip. Our trips are perfect for a couple or likeminded friends, confident swimmers, who want to see something different than Oludeniz and Fethiye. Our captains will take you to the best swimming spots and historical destinations. The trip takes about 3 hours. 


We take reservations for the trips maximum 2-3 days in advance as the sea here is unpredictable open Mediterranean.

who are our trips for

• confident swimmers as you will have swim from the boat at some locations

• people who are not looking for a comfortable day on a yacht but for a wild experience

what will we see

• wild coves and beaches

• ancient harbors

• sea caves

• the luckiest ones will see a sea turtle

what do you need for the trip

• you can only bring 1 bag per person.

• enough fresh water and any other drinks you like

• favorite snacks (the sea makes you hungry)

• a hat to avoid a sunstroke

• a snorkel for a full experience

• a pair of comfortable shoes to explore the coast

The trip usually starts from the pier of Rocas Roja Hotel. *However for the group trips our captains will most likely pick you up from Kabak beach.


To get to Rocas Roja just follow the main road of Faralya until Yiğitoğlu market and turn right straight after it.


You will see the sign of Rocas Roja Hotel at the turn. Continue following the forest road and look at the signs very carefully not to miss them. In 5-7 minutes you will be there.


You can park your car at the parking lot and walk through the hotel until you see a bay with a wooden pier.

Our prices


We take reservations for our trips maximum 2-3 days in advance as the sea here is unpredictable open Mediterranean. Please keep in mind that the trip can be canceled last minute due to the weather because we care for your safety. 


150 €

3-hour trip for two people around the best wild bays on a private motor boat or a local fishing boat. You will visit beautiful wild bays in the wilderness away from the crowds and mass-tourism. FOR GOOD SWIMMERS ONLY. Before booking a trip please read everything above

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Private group trips

Price depends on the number of people

A trip for your group from 3 up to 10 people around the wild bays of the area. You will visit three bays and have some free time on one of the beaches. The price and the type of the boat (motor boat or a local fishing boat) depends on the number of guests. FOR GOOD SWIMMERS ONLY. Before booking a trip please read everything above!


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