Where are those places situated?

Fethiye is a coastal town on the south-west of Turkish riviera. This town has it's own busy life that you feel straight away coming here, so it's not just a tourist destination. The first settlement was build here in 5th century BC during the times of Ancient Lycian civilization and was called Telmessos. You can still see the tombs left from that era near the town center. 


Fethiye is also the name of the area that includes nearby villages: Kayaköy, Ölüdeniz, Yanıklar, Faralya and some others.


Faralya is the one we have chosen to be our home. It's situated on a rocky coast of the Mediterranean. Faralya is famous for it's beautiful wild coves, turquoise color of the sea, hiking routes, pine honey, huge delicious lemons and boutique hotels. 



Enjoy the turquoise sea from the shore and on the boat. Hike along the coast via Lycian way. Visit rich local markets with the best homegrown organic vegetables and fruits. Explore local historical destinations. Do nothing and just breathe in the fresh air fulfilled with the smell of pine and salt. 



We organize private boat trips around the wild coves beyond Faralya. During hiking season we also guide groups and individuals on the Lycian way for short day trips. Very soon we will have a travel guide for those who want to plan their holiday around this area in the best way possible.


The nearest airport is Dalaman. It's situated 1 hour away from Fethiye and about 2 hours away from Faralya. You can get to both places by taxi, a rental car or public transport. 


The shuttle bus service is waiting outside the airport on the left side near the closest cafe. It can take you to the main bus station of Fethiye. To get to Faralya you have to catch another minibus on the main road (İnönü Blvd.)  next to the Carrefour supermarket. Here is the minibus schedule.